About Brownies

Brownies are aged between seven and ten years old. 

Brownie meetings are full of adventures, games and activities, frequently ones that the Brownies have suggested themselves.   Brownies make lots of friends and are encouraged to do their best according to their abilities. They work in ‘Sixes’ and each Six has a leader.

Brownies meet regularly and there are often opportunities to take part in special activities and events throughout the year; such as sleepovers, holidays and day-trips.  They can also get involved in community action projects and complete challenges to earn badges or gain self-confidence.

Brownies are relevant to today's girls, with a programme that continues to evolve and change to meet the challenges of a modern environment whilst maintaining the traditional skills and badges.

A Brownie thinks of others before herself and does a good turn every day.

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Members with Additional Needs

Girlguiding is an inclusive organisation which values and celebrates each other’s differences.

Some of our members have additional needs and we adapt our activities so that they can participate and enjoy the activities we offer.

Girlguiding South Yorkshire has a Special Needs Team who support leaders; suggesting ways to assess and adapt activities to reduce the barriers to their involvement.  Leaders work closely with parents to ensure the child’s needs are met, where possible.