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 Libby's inspiration

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During the summer of 2017 Libby Chetwynd from Castle Springs Rangers, Doncaster took part in the County international trip to Sangam, India.

During her visit Libby carried out community work with a charity in Sangam which provides education to local children. Each day a converted single deck bus is driven to a location and the children come to the bus for lessons. Libby helped them to read, made craft items and joined in singing.

This year Libby realised an ambition to do a tandem skydive and on a sunny day in August 2019 she leapt from a plane flying at 10,000 feet. She funded the dive herself but decided to ask friends and family to sponsor her and has raised £400.

Libby has decided to donate all her fundraising to the children’s charity in Sangam in the hope that they will continue to provide a place where the children can continue to come to learn.

 Well done Libby!


 BP Awards

Congratulations to Cara, Emily, Georgia and Naomi of 66th Doncaster Guides. Last week the girls were the first girls in the unit to be presented with their Bronze DofE Award! In addition to this 3 of the girls were the last girls in the unit to be presented with their BP Challenge!


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